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What a terrific asset we have in our new CNCC Craig campus.

To me, it makes sense to leverage CNCC.  CNCC can provide intellectual and economic development.  I would like to see the college grow and expand.  And with it.... jobs.

We have two new campuses together.  The TMH@Craig campus and the CNCC campus.  I encourage our community to not miss opportunities that may crop up as the hospital and college develop.  I think that opportunity is staring right at us.

I'm very concerned about the national economy and you should be, too.  The unemployment numbers go down when people just give up and quit looking for work.  It's a dishonest way to present what's really happening with job growth (or in this case) job contraction.  Rising food and gas prices are not even factored into the inflation numbers.  To me.... it's like lying.

We are a nation in very deep debt and taxes are poised to rise dramatically on those who still pay federal income tax.  Deep debt and extreme government over-regulation have us headed over the edge and we need to be prepared should the worst happen.

As a county.... as a community.... we should be prepared to work together.  One of my personal key goals is to build a stronger relationship between the county and the city.  To partner with non-profits, the business and faith-based communities.  Cooperation at even deeper levels.  We are going to have to rely on each other.  I'm volunteering to be your District 1 County Commissioner for the next four years.......full-time.  I'll retire from Tri-State after the election and give county residents my full attention.  

Energy (Jobs & Economy)

youWatch this video on how energy regulation is affecting us right here in Moffat County.  It's killing jobs and threatening the existence of Craig, my hometown.  For more information, read about HB10-1365 and send a nice big thank you to those who sponsored this bill and those who voted for it.  This is not about clean air; I believe this bill is about catering to special interests and government overreach.  Look up who sponsored and voted for this bill and cross reference in Tracer who contributed to their campaigns.  We must stand up and fight this type of legislation and elect officials who do not vote against your interests.  I am that person.

A county commissioner does not legislate bills.  We are primarly responsible for budgetary issues, zoning, and planning.  When elected, I promise to support business-friendly policies that help our economy grow and our residents prosper.  I want to establish relationships and increase efficiencies that foster a prosperous economic future for Moffat County and our residents.


Be sure to go see the Norman Rockwell exhibit this summer!  And tell your out of town friends.  If we can draw Steamboat visitors over this summer to see the Rockwell exhibit at the Museum of Northwest Colorado, they might eat and shop, too.

Thank you Wyman Museum for all that you do.

The Sombrero Horse Drive through Maybell is coming up May 6th.  With Grand Olde West Days at the end of May.

I plan to sit close to the stage to listen to the Eagles tribute band at Whittle the Wood in June.  I love the Eagles.

The Colorado State Barbecue 2012 Championship and the Moffat County Fair will be in August.

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